Company Pseudonym Location Company Summary Primary Reason Deal Failed Secondary Reason Deal Failed
Ranch 1 Small City Almost failed two years previous to G.F. interest, but currently stable. Owners just wanted to exit without losing more money. Few competitors in the niche industry. 340 125
Ranch 2 Rural Asking price 7x multiple of reported cash flow. No marketing but well-known and regarded business among its customers. Leader in a small niche. 340
Tank 1 Rural Founder owned and led with very little documentation, financial or otherwise. An industry leader in a niche market but tied to a major national, cyclical market. 340 555
Machine 1 Small City Repaired / fabricated parts with a single industry focus. Owner / key employee personal relationships with customers key to business’s consistent revenue. 440 514
Fab 1 Metro Sales were declining due to the poor health of several key family members / workers. The owner was loyal to the workforce and reluctant to see the business relocated. 121 514
Machine 2 Metro Strong financial performer with founder looking to exit while still young. Major multinational corporation accounted for 90% of revenue. Relocation was problematic. 514 110
Fab 2 Rural Produced about 10 dies per year for average selling price of $150,000. Significant investments in land and facilities made relocation financially difficult. 514
Transpo 1 Rural Owner had already sold the business once but repurchased it after the previous buyer almost caused the business to fail. The business was still off the previous peak. 513 320
Fab 3 Metro Current owner’s relationships with relatively small clientele would be hard to replicate. Produced highly customized solutions for specific industries. 440
Machine 3 Small City One multinational corporation accounted for 50% of revenue. The seller wanted a signed LOI before opening books and a fast-track due diligence process. 340
Service 1 Small City The startup business was willing to locate in the desired location to secure funding. Referred to G.F. from area angel investor group. 460 320
Machine 4 Small City Company in slow decline. Co-owners not communicating well and had disparate objectives. 340 600
Machine 5 Small City The company was a supplier to companies owned by G.F. members. The owner received a competing offer. 552 430
Transpo 2 Metro The company had significant intellectual property and had once ceased production due to manufacturing issues. Essentially a startup. 121 222
Transpo 3 Metro The company had a large, international customer base selling aftermarket products that complement a well-known brand. Manufacturing 100% out-sourced. 511
Ranch 3 Rural Nationwide customer base, to include utility companies. Aging founder looking for an exit but opposed to relocation. 514
Tank 2 Rural The company didn’t have a single computer in the work location. No previous marketing; ample markets for expansion. 450
Service 2 Small City A thriving company with the owner looking for new investors more so than new owners. Local operations would merely be a satellite of main operations elsewhere in the state. 514 340
Tank 3 Rural The owner maintained he had rebuffed interest from private equity firms. Claiming $3M in annual revenue with ample growth prospects. 460 340
Waste 1 Rural The deal emerged late in G.F.’s timeline and probably would have gotten much more interest had it been vetted earlier. 525 340