Themes Data Coding Interviewee Coding Representative Quotes
Business Model Change
Internal Pressures
Business Level Decreased/ Halted PN3 “The main business is on hold at the moment, so we do have time to talk and think through strategies at this time”
NI4 “Literally within 3 to 4 days everything was gone. All of our work for all of our hospitality clients, all of our events. And then all of our face to face with the public”
Business Model Change
Internal Pressures
Loss of Jobs CL3 “Keeping core employees working [is a challenge]”
MT1 “My priority is to retain my staff who all work for low wages, support families and are typical single parents”
Business Model Change
External Pressures
Lack of Government Support CL11 “Never designed to serve all the business all at once”
PN4 “However collectively, our systems have been exposed in uncomfortable ways and I am alarmed by the Government’s response to certain populations. There are massive inequalities”
Information Challenges
Information Flow
Information Overload CL2 "Changing every day, even hourly early in the crisis"
CL11 " Inundated with too much information. Need to spend time vetting the source"
Information Challenges
Information Flow
Confusing Information NI1 "So, there’s a real, a lot of ambiguity, a lack of clarity – it’s ridiculous"
MT1 "Offering the loan (PPP) is good but their interpretation of the loan is confusing and how the loan will be awarded is also confusing"
Weak Strategy
Financial Priority
Cash Flow NI1 "So that’s the big financial concern for me at the moment is that support that other self-employed people maybe are getting, so I’ve been having to shout a little bit about that, an unexpected leadership role"
CL5 "Being able to pay bills with decrease income [is a challenge]"
Weak Strategy
No Crisis Recovery Planning NI4 "There was no plan as to how we could do anything else"
MT2 "I have no backup plans for this situation and can only follow the state orders to self-isolate"
Previous Crisis Experience Personal Experience NI2 “I lost my hearing over 10 years and I had operation, so I know that this will end and a new chapter will begin at some point”
Previous Crisis Experience Business Experience MT2 “I am resilient and am confident I will get through this, having survived the financial crash in 2008”
Mindset Hopeful CL6 "Do you know how many blessings we still have…. [so I am] hopeful. More hopeful than ever because people true colors have come out"
PN9 "Therefore, I am incredibly hopeful about the future, especially some new business ventures I am gearing up to launch between April and June 2020"
Mindset Positivity PN4 “We are productive so we are positive about what the future holds”
CL1 “I anticipate coming back from the COVID-19 in a stronger position than before”
Seeing and Seizing Opportunity CL4 "Huge opportunity. Normally conversion rate 30%, now 112%. The people that come to store actually buy, not just look. Lean business so good. Discovered that what we were doing is entertainment, not selling. Could start charging people to come in the store…for entertainment."
NI10 "So, I’d like to get a couple of hundred thousand from all four jurisdictions which would allow me to buy another business that I’m after. So, I’m going to go looking for businesses to buy now because they’re frightened"
CL2 "Trying to diversify income stream [online]"
NI8 "The third thing is all about future, it’s all about what we look like, how we do it, what we can be and what opportunities are out there"
Personal Faith CL1 “I also first pray to God for guidance... I pray every morning for strength and joy regardless of what is going on”
NI5 "My faith and power of prayer"
Learning Personal Learning NI6 "So yes, this is…there is going to be time for businesses and individuals to reinvent themselves and to retrain themselves so I definitely want to do that and depending how it goes I may actually start my Italian GCSE."
NI10 "I’m in the middle of training. I’m always training. Always training, always learning, always building networks of people that can help me round and inform me to make better judgement calls."
Learning Business Learning NI3 “I never would have thought of putting anything on myself and like why not, why not do that? Playing about with different little apps, one called Lapsit which takes time really quick time lapse video of you doing something”
NI7 "So [they] are doing a bit of research and educating themselves about the tendering process because we found while we do have bigger projects a lot of our work is smaller clients. So these tender projects, one project would make up the income of five to ten smaller projects so it’s easier if you can get the tender in"
Learning Not Engaging in Learning PN7 "This is not the time for this [learning]. I am trying to survive."
MT3 "It is not important right now for me to take on new learning. I am too busy navigating the new reality as I get ready for the next normal"
Relationships Family PN3 "My sons all went to college so I use them to gather information for me and they help me to make decisions"
NI13 "I have quite a few friends that are doctors so they are sort of just waiting and I am quite anxious from that, Whenever I see them starting to get through that and come out the other side, that will also be a guiding principle"
Relationships Professional Networks CL7 “We also have a strong network of leaders and advisors that we turn to for information”
PN2 “We are relying on industry association people and our CPA (accountant) to help us make good decisions”
Business to Business Support
Coaching/ Mentoring CL9 "Always a big believer in business and personal coaching"
MT6 "Our Board of Directors have really stepped up to share their wisdom and what they have lived through, which is an invaluable form of mentoring"